MomentFeed Joins TripAdvisor API Program

TripAdvisor today named MomentFeed as the first company to join its new API program, enabling MomentFeed to sell TripAdvisor's sponsored advertising product, TripAdvisor Ads, to its hospitality clients.

MomentFeed clients who purchase TripAdvisor Ads will be able to monitor and manage the product directly within its platform.

By leveraging TripAdvisor's new API program, resellers, agencies, and partners like MomentFeed can empower restaurants to manage their marketing spend and drive more diners to their listings. In addition, the API simplifies group purchasing for multilocation businesses, introduces more flexible pricing options for TripAdvisor Premium and TripAdvisor Ads, and allows for TripAdvisor Ads subscriptions to be managed by third parties.

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