Intel & Predixion Provide a Real-Time Edge Analytics Solution for Connected Assets

IoT is critical to solving today’s problems, but the challenges associated with connecting disparate systems, networks, and devices means that no one company can offer a total solution.

That’s why Intel™ IoT and Predixion Software have partnered to offer edge analytics for connected devices. Their combined expertise and strengths mean that storing, securing, transmitting, and analyzing data is now possible in real-time.

The Intel™ IoT Platform offers an end-to-end reference architecture that enables secure, interoperable, and scalable solutions. Predixion RIOT™ enables out-of-the-box, advanced visual analytics at the edge. With Predixion RIOT™, your solutions are backed by Intel™ IoT Platform reference architecture and and the Intel™ IoT Gateway, and they come pre-integrated and pre-validated with Wind River Helix Device Cloud.