"Too much information, running through my brain".  Sting had it right with that lyric.  More and more data every day.  At Frontier, we appreciate that there is too much information, and therefore have always liked companies that access unique data sets, and use technology to parse data and drive overall business intelligence in new ways.  Today, the industry is abuzz with artificial intelligence solutions, but most depend on some kind of underlying databased solution, which is where you find the unique asset and the underlying long-term value and defensibility.  Mobile computing continues to offer more efficient data input and accessibility. 

That’s why we recently invested in Momentfeed.  Momentfeed works with multi-location brands (Starbucks, Home Depot, Jamba Juice) to enable XXXXXX.  Consumers provide a lot of data through search behavior and their social feed.  Brand marketers can parse information more nimbly.  Momentfeed (Los Angeles, CA) has unique integrations with Google, Facebook and Apple, such that they know when and where a consumer is searching for something and has an intent to purchase.  Momentfeed captures their social feed relationship with a brand.  Momentfeed then provides tools to market directly to that consumer, enabling a personalized and targeted relationship between the brand and customer.  Mobile computing drives the initial data and the relationship, and then Momentfeed curates the customer data for its enterprise customers. 

SilverVue (Sandy, UT) provides similar data capture, curation and personalization, by compiling an up-to-date index of post-acute care facilities (PACs) for patients being discharged from hospitals.  PACs are offered a template on which to establish the nature of their services, along with the price and geography.  Patients are offered a mobile platform on which to access the information.  There are lots of choices for patients, but previously there was no way to gauge quality, cost and proximity all in one place; hospitals are legally prohibited from recommendations and have merely offered patient advocates a binder full of paper marketing materials, sometimes obsolete.  SilverVue therefore solves a problem for hospitals, PACs and consumers in one simple data solution, and serves hundreds of hospitals today. 

At Frontier, we always look for companies that aggregate unique data sets, and have technology that provides valuable solutions based on insight from the data. We have made several investments which map to this theme, including the companies in the gallery below.