Mobile phones are powerful computing devices, sitting right there in our pockets.  We all run our lives from our connected devices, whether for business or personal use.  While many observe that we are spending perhaps more time than we should glued to the influx of information on our devices, the always-on nature of the device is enabling a shift in the kinds of truly important information we can now access, and how quickly. 

We believe connected devices are enabling a new wave of real-time feedback technologies.  These technologies are being used in healthcare, entertainment, industrial controls and in our homes.  Artificial intelligence, robotics, and analytics companies are often based on real-time information to drive faster insight, decisions and actions.

We have already invested in several companies using real-time feedback to drive results.  Noteworth, based in Hoboken, NJ, aggregates information from “quantified self” devices (heart monitors, blood pressure, fitbit, etc.) in order to provide a real-time, holistic picture of overall patient health: doctors get instant feedback if there are anomalous health events, in turn driving better patient outcomes and better overall health.  Los Angeles-based Sonic Sensory is developing a broad array of haptics and bluetooth synchronization technologies, enabling enhanced entertainment, gaming and health products.   And a UCLA spinout Sensydia has built the most sophisticated, non-invasive heart monitoring external sensor technology, providing constant, real-time heart health information. 

We’re continuing to seek new companies that change the way business is conducted based on technology-enabled real-time feedback. We have made several investments which map to this theme, including the companies in the gallery below.