Qmerit named to list of 10 most promising supply chain management solution providers for 2019

Shelter, one of the three basic human requirements, is a market space that will never fade. With more and more development, buildings are becoming taller and larger in numbers. Although there is a lot of effort involved in their construction, the work doesn’t end there. Maintenance and repair of such structures is also an equally exhaustive task. It involves employing a large distributed labor force, purchasing required materials and a whole host of other operations. So how does one manage such tasks in an efficient and organized manner? Qmerit, an expert in supply chain management for properties, has the answer to this question.

Inception and Early days

Birthed out of ABM Industries, a Fortune 500 leader in facility solutions with over 120,000 employees, Qmerit already had a fair amount of exposure to the industry even before it commenced operations. The platform was originally envisioned by Tracy K. Price to help ABM bring order to the chaos of managing a liquid workforce consisting of internal, subcontract and contingent labor resources that service and maintain buildings. With the experience gained from building Mesa Energy Systems, FieldCentrix, and The Linc Group, Mr. Price set out to solve the perennial problem of sourcing qualified, skilled labor resources in the building trades.

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