BMW Brings its Wireless EV Charging Pilot to the U.S. for the 530e Plug-in Hybrid

In the future, charging an electric vehicle might be as easy as refueling a gas-powered car, which is the aim of automaker BMW for its new 530e plug-in hybrid sedan. 

BMW announced it's launching its inductive charging pilot program for the hybrid 530e sedan in the U.S. The inductive EV charging technology allows the 530e plug-in hybrid sedan to be charged without cables. 

The wireless charging pilot program first began in Germany in 2018 and BMW announced in May that it would eventually expand to the U.S. The automaker is offering it for free to qualifying driver's who lease the new BMW 530e.

The pilot program is available in the state of California for qualifying residential home customers who are able to charge the 530e inside an enclosed garage space. 

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