Blockchain Technology Comes to the 'Trek' Universe

Blockchain technology is well known for introducing Bitcoin, the popular digital cryptocurrency, but some of its lesser-known use cases will change the way we perceive digital ownership in the future.

Star Trek and Blockchain

The Star Trek universe is known for its advanced technologies, some of which are already coming to fruition. One such technology, while never directly mentioned in the fiction - well, it might have been, but we will get to that later - is likely the technological foundation behind Federation Credits and the more popularly known Ferengi Gold-pressed Latinum banking systems. This technology is known today as blockchain and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s beloved but “shady” Ferengi businessman, Quark, would no doubt have been a user of this technology to transact and ensure the contract integrity in his business ventures. The current Star Trek series have yet to mention blockchain tech, but that hasn’t stopped the adoption of blockchain technology into the Trek universe. Similar to the first releases of Trek toys in the 60’s and 70’s, in 2019 CBS Interactive and Lucid Sight will release the first generation of Star Trek True Digital Crypto Collectibles. Six iconic ships from the Trek universe will be digitally minted, cryptographically secured, and provided in a limited supply enforced by the Ethereumblockchain as ERC-721 items. 

Beyond their value as collectibles, these Trek ships can be played within Lucid Sight’s game Crypto Space Commander, a space MMO sandbox that utilizes blockchain to power its Play To Own user economy. CBS Interactive and Lucid Sight will create the first ever Cross Universe Event temporally bridging the Star Trek and CSC Universes.

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