Students getting to code to program robots

Elmira, NY (WENY) -- A different style of learning is going on in the town of Lansing. With local malls losing businesses and some completely dying a new technical program for students is being housed inside the Shops at Ithaca Mall. Student's are learning to think outside the box, thanks to the program being taught inside the center.

The new attraction is UCode. It can be seen in bright lights right near the food court. The center teaches Python, a coding program designed to teach students computational skills. It's a program, that started out in the tech capital in California and has now made it's way to upstate New York. There are several UCode stores on the west coast, and the company is looking at around 16 in the New York region.

UCode is preparing students for the future. A future that could be dominated by automation. As student plug in gears and gadgets into their robot, the program teaches students to speak the language of bots.

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