Occipital Updates Structure Sensor with Active IR Stereo Depth Sensing in Mark II Version

Years ago, in 2013, Occipital introduced its original Structure Sensor for iOS, a mobile 3D scanning device for measuring three-dimensional objects. Soon after, in an unrelated deal, Apple acquired PrimeSense, the company that made one of the components for Occipital's scanning device.

But that hasn't stopped Occipital from building a follow-up to its original device, which the company unveiled on Wednesday. Occipital's new Structure Sensor Mark II includes optics for active IR stereo depth sensing and adds an inertial measurement unit (IMU), and a wide-angle VGA camera in an enclosure about half the size of the original sensor.

The key optics for the Mark II model are a pair of infrared sensors and a laser projector. The infrared sensors feature global shutters for high accuracy data capture, while the Occipital-designed laser projector boasts high contrast and is safe for eyes.

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