Notion Announces the Launch of NotionPRO, a 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service, Redefined.

DENVER, July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Notion, the comprehensive home monitoring and security system powered by a multifunctional IoT smart home sensor, announced NotionPRO, a new 24/7 professional home security service extension to its current home monitoring system.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.47.15 AM.png

Notion's affordable and easy-to-install smart home monitoring system packs multiple capabilities into a single sensor, allowing property owners to monitor all aspects of their space, including activities that could lead to costly insurance claims. Now, property owners can add on NotionPRO through the Notion app and have their sensors' activities, from motion to water leaks to sounding alarms, be professionally monitored by certified dispatchers. Designed with flexibility in mind, the app allows users to easily turn on and off what Notion sensors they want armed with NotionPRO with a tap of a button. At only $15/month, NotionPRO expands the protection of a property without the need of professional installation or a service contract. Plus, NotionPRO users have the potential opportunity to claim two discounts with their insurance providers, one for Notion's smart home technology and one for the home security service.

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