Lucid Sight Joins Hands with CBS Interactive to Bring Star Trek on Blockchain Platform

The famous Star Trek spaceship will now be available in the form of digital collectibles in the CSC game which can be traded in-game or even to third-party marketplaces.

The blockchain-based gaming industry is all set to get a major boost! Lucid Sight, the blockchain games developer has recently joined hands with media company CBS Interactive to bring the very famous “Star Trek” gameplay on the blockchain platform.

As part of this deal, the two companies will work towards introducing the iconic starship from Star Trek to the digital universe via an open-universe game dubbed Crypto Space Commander (CSC). Thus, the CSC players will be able to command starships which can mine, harvest, and craft items.

Lucid Sight notes that the CSC game will thus be able to provide “provable, transferable, transparent and delegated control” for all its in-game digital collectibles.

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