Marvel and DC alum Jeanine Schaefer has joined BOOM! Studios in the newly-created role of Executive Editor. Described as "a leadership role" by the publisher, Schaefer will also over see a new line of titles not-yet-announced.

“I’m so excited to join BOOM! Studios right now, as they take the next step in their growth as a progressive voice in comics,” said Schaefer. “BOOM! Studios’ mission and outlook, their dedication to partnering with creators to expand the scope of comics and the breadth of their readership are all vital to the health of the industry.”

Schaefer will report to BOOM!'s Editor-In-Chief Matt Gagnon, who calls her "a powerful voice."

"This is one of the most important years in BOOM! history, as we've become a Premiere Publisher at Diamond Distributors and continue to expand our commitment to original stories, as well as their presence in film, television, novels, and more. Adding the powerful voice of an acclaimed editor like Jeanine to our team in a senior role provides a unique opportunity to expand our company's creative vision," said Gagnon. "Jeanine is one of the best in the business and her addition to BOOM! editorial further strengthens one of the most dynamic teams in comics."

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