Roli Puts The Blocks Together For Revolutionary Songmaker Kit

When you’re a relatively new 21st century musical instrument company, finding relevance can be a tough thing to do. UK music startup Roli was able to do that in a major way. The company, which creates next generation music creation instruments, not only attracted artists like Steve Aoki and The Wu Tang Clan, to create production packages for their Roli Noise App, but they also attracted iconic producer Pharrell Williams as an investor and company officer.

Roli is the creator of the Seaboard Rise which is a family of next generation keyboard/controllers that artists worldwide are using both in the studio and on-stage. They’re also the creators of their line of blocks, smaller musical instrument/controllers. The lightpad block is a square block that can be assigned via midi or used in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet to create music with infinite possibilities. The Seaboard block is a scaled down version of the full sized Seaboard that lets you take it on the go anywhere and everywhere.

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