SilverVue, Mingle Analytics merge to form Mingle Health, to help providers toward value-based care

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Care management software company SilverVue and software-enabled Medicare quality reporting consultancy Mingle Analytics have merged to form Mingle Health, a new company that will combine the strengths of the two firms.

SilverVue currently offers a suite of tools that deal with transitions of care, post-acute care, and practice performance. Both companies work with all kinds of providers, but provide unique value for private practitioners and smaller hospitals.

“As we’re out there trying to expand and work with the little guy, work with the physicians’ practices, there was nobody better than Mingle Analytics in helping them have that relationship with their clients,” SilverVue founder Will West, who will serve as CEO at Mingle Health, told MobiHealthNews. “Their net promoter scores were completely off the charts, they do outstanding work for every client of every size at a price that every client can afford. So we were immediately drawn to partnering with them, and that was the first thought. But what became increasingly clear was if we put these two product lines together we had an opportunity to do something truly special for physician practices, with a bundle and a platform that they haven’t seen before.”

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