Cedars-Sinai signs 3-year deal with Noteworth for on-demand patient-generated health data

Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles has partnered with Noteworth, a startup from the second cohort of its accelerator, to give physicians in several hospital departments new tools to monitor the health of their patients at home. The deal is a three-year engagement.

Noteworth offers a novel platform for on-demand patient-generated health data. With the system, a physician can order PGHD for a patient from inside the electronic health record, and can select from a menu of vital signs such as blood pressure, blood glucose level and weight, as well as behavioral metrics like medication adherence, mood and activity. Once the provider selects the information he or she wants, Noteworth pulls together a collection of FDA-cleared connected device and delivers it to the patient’s door, along with onboarding support and use training. Data from those devices than shows up in the EHR. 

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