Integrated vision sensing for robotics and AR/VR/MR headsets

Occipital (San Francisco), and Inuitive (Ra’anana, Israel) are collaborating on a complete hardware and software solution that brings efficient room-scale sensing and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) to next generation mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality (MR/AR/VR) headsets; and to robotics.

The joint offering will, the two companies say, enable manufacturers of AR/VR/MR headsets and home/industrial robots to integrate efficient, low-latency 3D sensing and SLAM into their products. The solution merges Occipital’s Structure Core embeddable depth sensor with Inuitive’s NU3000 depth processing chip. 

The combination of Structure Core and NU3000 is designed for use in the new generation of home & industrial robots as well as headsets. In particular, Structure Core’s dual infrared cameras can be used for stereo depth sensing when ambient sunlight would otherwise blind robotic navigation systems that rely on time-of-flight or structured light depth sensors.

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