Seismic Games acquires Grue Games as it expands into AR and VR gaming

Seismic Games has acquired Los Angeles game developer Grue Games as a way to expand into augmented reality and virtual reality games.

Virtual reality software could grow to a $14 billion market by 2020, according to market researcher SuperData Research, but the market is going to bumpy and filled with competition. Seismic is addressing that by amassing more talent.

All told, both Los Angeles-based companies will have a total of 50 employees. Grue’s CEO and former studio head of Beachhead (Activision Blizzard), John Linden, will take on the new role of president. Trey Watkins, Grue’s chief creative officer, will lead the former Grue development teams. They will work closely alongside Seismic’s cofounders Greg Borrud and Eric Gewirtz.

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