Occipital launches $500 dev kit to turn your iPhone into a room-scale tracked VR headset

For iOS or Mac users interested in VR, there isn’t a lot you can do right now without migrating to the dark sides of Android or Windows.

Occipital is aiming to get people on the iOS platform access to some more cool VR opportunities. Today, the company opened up a $500 development kit today that brings room-scale motion tracking to iOS (as well as Android) smartphones, Upload reports.

The dev kit utilizes the company’s Structure sensor. This has already been mounted to iPhones and iPads to help people build 3D meshes of their environments but this is the first attempt to give the sensor a VR-focused application. The iPhone is still a pretty imperfect platform due to system levels constraints in regards to latency, but this is the best that can be done until Apple gets its act together.

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