Roli and FXpansion launch Cypher2 analogue-modelling softsynth

Roli has announced Cypher2, the newest softsynth to its lineup and the second from the FXpansion team, which was acquired back in 2016.

Cypher2 picks up from the original version from the DCAM: Synth Squad and the more recent Strobe2 (version 1 also coming from FXpansion’s original synth pack).

According to Roli, the product has been years in the making and credits the FXpansion team for creating “the world’s most extensive library of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) compatible sounds.”

Sticking to the analogue-modelling synth framework, Cypher2 prides itself on an easy-to-navigate interface, TransMod modulation system, dynamic oscillators and filters, a state-of-the-art step sequencer and 30 effect modules.

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Facebook Joins Forces With MomentFeed

Silicon Beach Report Aug. 6: Facebook Joins Forces With MomentFeed Startup

By Samson Amore

Monday, August 6, 2018

Santa Monica-based mobile ad startup MomentFeed Inc. has linked with Facebook Inc., Socaltech reports. MomentFeed, which tracks shoppers’ mobile experiences as they visit storefronts, has gained the title of official Facebook marketing partner and access to Facebook’s API . The company is already tweaking its programs to accommodate Facebook’s New Recommendations feature, which Facebook says is designed to connect users and local businesses.

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Niantic acquires Seismic Games

Niantic — the company behind Pokémon GO — is back at it with another acquisition.

After acquiring Escher Reality back in February and Matrix Millback in June, this morning the company announced it’s acquiring Seismic Games.

Seismic Games  is probably best known for its work on Marvel: Strike Force, a mobile, turn-based RPG that has players build battle teams made up of all the big names from the Marvel comic universe.

Niantic’s two biggest games of the foreseeable future — Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite — both rely heavily on licensed IP. So acquiring a team that already has a wealth of experience with licensed IP — specifically, a team that can walk that fine line of building enough new content to keep the players happy without doing something that sets off the IP owners — makes sense.

No terms of the deal were disclosed.

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Thuuz partnered with IBM Watson to bring 60 years of World Cup action to Fox Sports.

Fox Sports engaged IBM Watson and Thuuz’ breakthrough automated highlights to deliver the FIFA World Cup™ Highlight Machine. This first-of-its-kind experience allows users to view any combination of years, teams, players, matches, and play types in seconds and share the custom reels they generate.

Literally trillions of highlights can be streamed instantly using this platform. Playlists draw from over 300 matches spanning 60 years, including all of 2018. This unique application, for both mobile and web, showcases how the Thuuz AI finds the best plays and narratives and tags, blends, and delivers those highlights in real-time and after matches have completed.

FIFA World Cup Highlight Machine:

Creating the TurboTax of music and a culture of empowerment with HAAWK Co-Founder Ryan Born

When developing a startup, it’s important to think about your company in the simplest terms possible. For Ryan Born, the CEO and co-founder of HAAWK, a company that helps to monetize and enforce copyrights on user-generated video and audio platforms (think YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud), his mission is simple: to create the TurboTax of music rights management.

“TurboTax made it possible for the public to do their own taxes,” says Born. “There’s certainly still accountants and there’s certainly big accounting firms, but you have the ability to do your own taxes. We teach our clients how to do their own publishing. We’re educating them,” Born explained. “We basically open up a lot of the—I don’t want to necessarily say secrets—but complex stuff and try to simplify it so that people can do it on their own.”

From this very simple idea, Born has built a company a company culture that enhances HAAWK’s mission by reflecting its core values. “All of [the employees] have a bit of a culture of love of music, whether they’ve been managers of bands or are musicians themselves. It’s [a culture] of care for rights, care for music, and also it’s a laid-back environment,” Born explained.

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