DailyPay to provide instant wage solution for franchise residential cleaner

Fintech firm DailyPay has signed a deal with national franchise residential cleaning company The Maids to provide the latter’s employees with instant wage payment.

It is hoped the service will reduce employee turnover due to financial stress associated with waiting for the next check along with employer turnover costs which can reach $4,000 per employee.

“When employees achieve financial security at a job, they stay longer,” DailyPay CEO Jason Lee said.

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Snapchat starts selling Sponsored Geofilter ads thru its API as travel, event seasons kick off

Snapchat is making it easier for brands to buy Sponsored Geofilter ads that people can add atop the photos and videos they share on the mobile app to help describe what’s going on in the frame.

Snapchat has begun selling its Sponsored Geofilter ads through its advertising API in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, the company announced on Monday.

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The Not-So-Creepy Reason More Bosses Are Tracking Employees

Social-media platforms like Facebook and Twitter aren't the only ones tracking how people connect and share with their peers. Employers are doing it too.

Companies like Boston Consulting Group, and Microsoft Corp. are mining employees' emails, chat logs, and tracking face-to-face interactions to get a better grasp on how information travels among employees. 

The goal, managers said, is to cut down on time-consuming meetings, vague emails and useless training sessions. While some bosses already use apps to gauge productivity and employee performance, management researchers say new technologies like sensor-laden ID badges and programs that analyze online calendars offer a better measure of how efficiently teams communicate and how well they collaborate without overtaxing one another's time.

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'La La Land' composer on electronica's key role in the film

Justin Hurwitz reveals why a story stuck in the past needed technology to push it forward.

Damien Chazelle's La La Land might not have won thatOscar, but it did scoop up the one for Best Original Music Score. The man behind that score is Justin Hurwitz. Anyone who has seen the film will know that the soundtrack is largely divided between vintage Hollywood music and classic jazz -- the style favored by tortured musician Seb (Ryan Gosling). But for all of its antiquity, one of the biggest conflicts of the movie is Seb's struggle with pop success after joining his friend Keith (John Legend) in a band that fuses jazz flavors with modern electronic music. Hurwitz's challenge, then, was not only to score the movie but also to create a musical backdrop to Seb's journey of self-discovery, a journey that ultimately proves to be a crucial fork in the movie's twisting story.

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This Startup Wants to Bring Augmented Reality to the iPhone Before Apple Does

Apple may have up to 1000 engineers working on augmented reality, if estimates from UBS analyst Steven Milunovich are correct. San Francisco-based computer vision startup Occipitalis comparably scrappy. But the company nonetheless believes it can beat Apple to market, and is now gearing up to sell an augmented reality (AR) headset for Apple’s iPhone next month.

Bridge, as the headset is being called combines recent-generation iPhones with a Gear VR-like headset and a depth sensor capable of scanning rooms and incorporating real-world obstacles into mixed-reality applications.

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